Henney Bear was created in 2008 after Mr. Henney, a leading designer of world-class handbags discovered a luxurious range of tapestry material in Antwerp, Belgium.

An avid student of historical art, he likened his finding to the ancient Chinese fabric known as JIN from the Han Dynasty, almost 2000 years ago. Surprised at the common thread linking ancient art forms from around the world, he decided to breathe new life into this newfound fabric through a merger with modern fashion elements from which Henney Bear was born.

Henney’s designs emanate from his desire to create what feels natural rather than go after something commercial. Instead of going for fame, ambition or greed, we are all about the expression of fun, colour, and quality whilst striving to create something extraordinary in the fashion world.

The first product created was a beautiful tapestry handbag made in a floral print theme. Since its debut in the USA, Henney Bear has become renowned for its cheerful designs and distinctive prints. The vision behind Henney Bear is to create beautiful, innovative products that touch every woman’s deepest desire for fun, style, and originality.

Henney Bear Retail Store Australia

There are over 600 retail stores in the Henney Bear family around the world and growing. Customers can choose from a wide range of products including handbags, luggage, shoes, accessories, and homewares.

From London to New York, Paris to Tokyo, Henney Bear is now available in Australia.  

Eleganz n Grace - The Style Shoppe is proud to be an Authorised Retailer for selected designs of Henney Bear bags and wallets.

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