All our items are available for dropship.  We ship our products directly from our warehouse in Perth, Western Australia.  We offer a 15% dropship discount for individual items with a flat rate $10 shipping fee per item for delivery within Australia. We do not dropship items to international addresses.

Please send us an email with

1. Details of your website

2. Nature of business 

3. ABN 

4. Contact person's details 

5. Products/Collections you are interested for dropship to


stating that you would like to apply to be our dropship client.

Once we have approved your account - you will receive a dropship discount code to use whenever you place an order for your customer.


Once you are approved as our dropship client, you may begin to promote your selection of our products on your website.  You may download images from our website only for use on your website as a dropshipped item.  You may not use the images for advertising other businesses or trade other than the approved dropshipped business.

Our products are shipped from our warehouse in WA.  Please note that we do not carry unlimited stocks of our products.  So you may find that at times the product that you would like to order may be out of stock.  If you forsee a huge order coming up please do contact us ahead to confirm availability.

We would advise you to please check back on our website on a regular basis to see if the items you have listed on your website is still in stock on ours.  

Dropship deliveries will be sent to your customers on the address that you insert as the shipping address.  Invoices with your company logo attached can be arranged.  

Thank you for your interest in being our dropship client.

We look forward to receiving your application and we will get back to you within a week.